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Scand J Work Environ Health 1986;12(4):259-261    pdf

Treatments for vibration disease

by Matoba T, Sakurai T

It is difficult to treat patients with vibration disease effectively. In the present study clinical data concerningthe treatments of vibration diseasewerereviewed.Physiobalneotherapy showeda 36.7% improvement rate and had a psychologically beneficial effect upon the patients. The administration of vasodilators or calcium blockers before the patients left home for work in the early morning proved to be successful for preventing attacks of vibration-induced white finger. The efficacy of each drug therapy was approximately 50 to 80%. The importanceof drug therapy increasedas the severity increased. Stellate ganglion block proved to provide excellent relief from tinnitus and showed an improvement rate of approximately 65%. Thus the conclusion was drawn that therapy combining physiobalneotherapy and drug therapy seems to be effective in the treatment of vibration disease.