Author: Hernberg S

Original article 1992;18(1):18-25   pdf
Primary liver cancer and occupational exposure.
Kauppinen T, Riala R, Seitsamo J, Hernberg S
Original article 1993;19(1):66-67   pdf
The International Commission on Occupational Health. Past and present.
Hernberg S
Original article 1994;20(4):309-311   pdf
New epidemics in occupational health.
Hernberg S
Original article 1995;21(3):232-234
From research to prevention-the 50th anniversary congress of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.
Hernberg S
Editorial 2001;27(3):157-160   pdf
Work-related factors and mortality - what is the burden?
Hernberg S
Editorial 1999;25(6):465-469   pdf
Towards a new millennium
Hernberg S
Editorial 1998;24(3):161-164   pdf
Inconclusive cancer epidemiology
Hernberg S
Commentary 1996;22(4):315-317   pdf
Significance testing of potential confounders and other properties of study groups -- misuse of statistics
Hernberg S
Original article 1995;21(6):460-469   pdf
Excess lung cancer among workers exposed to lead
Anttila A, Heikkilä P, Pukkala E, Nykyri E, Kauppinen T, Hernberg S, Hemminki K
Editorial 1995;21(4):241-243   pdf
Ethics in research
Hernberg S
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