Author: Hernberg S

Book review 1982;8(2):146-146
Banbury Report No 9: Quantification of Occupational Cancer
Hernberg S, reviewer
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Opening address
Hernberg S
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Hernberg S
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Psychological performance and electroencephalographic findings in occupational styrene exposure
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Blood lead levels and erythrocyte delta-amino-levulinic acid dehydratase activity of selected population groups in Helsinki.
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The Finnish foundry project. Background and general methodology.
Hernberg S
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Angina pectoris, ECG findings and blood pressure of foundry workers in relation to carbon monoxide exposure.
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Prevalence of pneumoconiosis and chronic bronchitis in foundry workers.
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A mortality study of foundry workers.
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Turnover and health selection among foundry workers.
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Eight-year follow-up of viscose rayon workers exposed to carbon disulfide.
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Occupational lead exposure in Finland. VI. Final report.
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Disturbances in psychological functions of workers occupationally exposed to styrene.
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Exposure-response relationship between styrene exposure and central nervous functions.
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Ten-year coronary mortality of workers exposed to carbon disulfide.
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Congenital defects and occupational factors. A comparison of different methodological approaches.
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The battle against occupational lead poisoning in Finland. Experiences during the 15-year period 1964--1978.
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Evaluation of epidemiologic studies in assessing the long-term effects of occupational noxious agents.
Hernberg S
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"Negative" results in cohort studies--how to recognize fallacies.
Hernberg S
Original article 1982;8(1):37-42   pdf
Mortality of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid and 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid herbicide applicators in Finland: first report of an ongoing prospective cohort study.
Riihimäki V, Asp S, Hernberg S
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Nasal cancer and occupational exposures. Preliminary report of a joint Nordic case-referent study.
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Screening for occupational exposures and congenital malformations.
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Nasal and sinonasal cancer. Connection with occupational exposures in Denmark, Finland and Sweden.
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A prospective follow-up study on psychological effects in workers exposed to low levels of lead.
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Work-related diseases--some problems in study design.
Hernberg S
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Formaldehyde exposure and respiratory and related cancers. A case-referent study among Finnish woodworkers.
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Recent epidemiologic studies of occupational cancer in Finland.
Hernberg S
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Increased risk for primary liver cancer among women exposed to solvents.
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Formaldehyde exposure and respiratory cancer among woodworkers--an update.
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The International Commission on Occupational Health. Past and present.
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New epidemics in occupational health.
Hernberg S
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From research to prevention-the 50th anniversary congress of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.
Hernberg S
Editorial 2001;27(3):157-160   pdf
Work-related factors and mortality - what is the burden?
Hernberg S
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Towards a new millennium
Hernberg S
Editorial 1998;24(3):161-164   pdf
Inconclusive cancer epidemiology
Hernberg S
Commentary 1996;22(4):315-317   pdf
Significance testing of potential confounders and other properties of study groups -- misuse of statistics
Hernberg S
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Excess lung cancer among workers exposed to lead
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Ethics in research
Hernberg S
Editorial 1995;21(3):161-163   pdf
A look to the past and to the future of research
Hernberg S
Editorial 1995;21(1):1-2   pdf
Time for change
Hernberg S