Author: de Looze MP

Original article 2014;40(3):287-294   pdf full text
Individual and work-related predictors of work outcomes related to sustainable employment among male shift and day workers
van de Ven HA, Klein Hesselink J, Bültmann U, de Boer MR, de Looze MP, van der Klink JJL, Brouwer S
Original article 1994;20(6):427-434   pdf
Effect of individually chosen bed-height adjustments on the low-back stress of nurses.
de Looze MP, Zinzen E, Caboor D, Heyblom P, van Bree E, van Roy P, Toussaint HM, Clarijs JP
Original article 2003;29(2):106-116   pdf
Effects of software programs stimulating regular breaks and exercises on work-related neck and upper-limb disorders
van den Heuvel SG, de Looze MP, Hildebrandt VH, Thé KH