Author: Svartengren M

Original article 2022;48(8):632-640   pdf full text
Overqualification at work and risk of hospitalization for psychiatric and somatic diseases among immigrants in Sweden – a prospective register-based study
Brendler-Lindqvist M, Tondel M, Helgesson M, Nordqvist T, Svartengren M
Original article 2011;37(2):129-135   pdf
No short-term respiratory effects among particle-exposed employees in the Stockholm subway
Bigert C, Alderling M, Svartengren M, Plato N, Gustavsson P
Original article 1986;12(2):114-120   pdf
Decreased blood lead levels in residents of Stockholm for the period 1980-1984.
Elinder CG, Friberg L, Lind B, Nilsson B, Svartengren M, Overmark I