Author: Gullberg B

Original article 1980;6(2):104-111   pdf
Breath concentration as an index of the health risk from benzene. Studies on the accumulation and clearance of inhaled benzene.
Berlin M, Gage JC, Gullberg B, Holm S, Knutsson P, Eng C, Tunek A
Original article 1983;9(3):241-246   pdf
Increased frequency of lymphocyte micronuclei in workers producing reinforced polyester resin with low exposure to styrene.
Hogstedt B, Akesson B, Axell K, Gullberg B, Mitelman F, Pero RW, Skerfving S, Welinder H
Original article 1983;9(5):431-441   pdf
Neurophysiological effects of lead exposure.
Rosen I, Wildt K, Gullberg B, Berlin M
Original article 1983;9(5):397-403   pdf
Elimination of chromium in urine after stainless steel welding.
Welinder H, Littorin M, Gullberg B, Skerfving S