Author: Skerfving S

Letter to the Editor 1985;11(6):498-498   pdf
Author`s reply
Sango C, Nielsen J, Skerfving S, Skarping G
Original article 1975;1(1):54-59   pdf
Blood cell delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity in humans exposed to methylmercury.
Schutz A, Skerfving S
Original article 1976;2(3):176-184   pdf
Effect of a short, heavy exposure to lead dust upon blood lead level, erythrocyte delta-aminolevulinic acid dehydratase activity and urinary excretion of lead delta-aminolevulinic acid coproporphyrin. Results of a 6-month follow-up of two male subjects.
Schütz A, Skerfving S
Original article 1979;5(4):333-335   pdf
Increased frequency of chromosome aberrations in workers exposed to styrene.
Högstedt B, Hedner K, Mark-Vendel E, Mitelman F, Schütz A, Skerfving S
Original article 1983;9(3):241-246   pdf
Increased frequency of lymphocyte micronuclei in workers producing reinforced polyester resin with low exposure to styrene.
Hogstedt B, Akesson B, Axell K, Gullberg B, Mitelman F, Pero RW, Skerfving S, Welinder H
Original article 1983;9(3):259-264   pdf
No cytogenetic effects in lymphocytes of stainless steel welders.
Littorin M, Hogstedt B, Stromback B, Karlsson A, Welinder H, Mitelman F, Skerfving S
Original article 1983;9(5):397-403   pdf
Elimination of chromium in urine after stainless steel welding.
Welinder H, Littorin M, Gullberg B, Skerfving S
Original article 1985;11(1):51-54   pdf
Systemic reactions associated with polyisocyanate exposure.
Nielsen J, Sango C, Winroth G, Hallberg T, Skerfving S
Original article 1986;12(6):545-551   pdf
Mortality and cancer morbidity among workers in a chemical factory.
Hagmar L, Bellander T, Englander V, Ranstam J, Attewell R, Skerfving S
Original article 1987;13(3):221-231   pdf
Kinetics of lead in blood after the end of occupational exposure.
Schutz A, Skerfving S, Ranstam J, Christoffersson JO
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