Author: Hagmar L

Original article 1986;12(3):221-222   pdf
Immunoglobulin E antibodies against a reactive dye--a case report.
Hagmar L, Welinder H, Dahlquist I
Original article 1986;12(6):545-551   pdf
Mortality and cancer morbidity among workers in a chemical factory.
Hagmar L, Bellander T, Englander V, Ranstam J, Attewell R, Skerfving S
Original article 1989;15(2):136-141   pdf
Cytogenetic and hematological effects in plastics workers exposed to styrene.
Hagmar L, Hogstedt B, Welinder H, Karlsson A, Rassner F
Original article 1991;17(3):159-169   pdf
A collaborative study of cancer incidence and mortality among vinyl chloride workers.
Simonato L, L'Abbe KA, Andersen A, Belli S, Comba P, Engholm G, Ferro G, Hagmar L, Langard S, Lundberg I, et al.
Original article 1992;18(4):217-224   pdf
Cancer incidence and mortality among Swedish Baltic Sea fishermen.
Hagmar L, Linden K, Nilsson A, Norrving B, Akesson B, Schutz A, Moller T
Original article 2006;32(1):51-60   pdf
Fertility among female hairdressers
Axmon A, Rylander L, Lillienberg L, Albin M, Hagmar L
Editorial 2005;31(3):165-167   pdf
Corporate interests as an obstacle to the primary prevention of cancer
Hagmar L, editor
Editorial 2005;31(2):85-97   pdf
Use of routinely collected occupational exposure data in register-based studies--a trade off between feasibility and misclassification
Kogevinas M, Hagmar L
Original article 2004;30(1):30-35   pdf
Exposure to persistent organochlorine compounds through fish consumption and the incidence of osteoporotic fractures
Wallin E, Rylander L, Hagmar L
Original article 2003;29(5):378-387   pdf
Cytogenetic and morphologic subgroups of myelodysplastic syndromes in relation to occupational and hobby exposures
Albin M, Björk J, Welinder H, Tinnerberg H, Mauritzson N, Billström R, Strömberg U, Mikoczy Z, Johansson B, Ahlgren T, Nilsson P-G, Mitelman F, Hagmar L
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