Key term: inflammation

Case study 2002;28(3):205-207   pdf
Inhalation of decomposed chlorodifluoromethane (freon-22) and myocardial infarction
Sjögren B, Gunnare S, Sandler H
Original article 2000;26(2):153-160   pdf
Modification of serum proteins in guinea pigs immunized and challenged with toluene diisocyanate
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Original article 1999;25(4):326-334   pdf
Increased CD3 positive cells in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid after hydrogen fluoride inhalation
Lund K, Refsnes M, Sandstrøm T, Søstrand P, Schwarze P, Boe J, Kongerud J
Original article 1996;22(2):102-107   pdf
Improved nasal clearance among pulp mill workers after reduction of lime dust levels
Torén K, Brisman J, Hagberg S, Karlsson G
Proceedings paper 1995;21 suppl 2:19-21   pdf
Differential pulmonary responses in rats inhaling crystalline, colloidal or amorphous silica dusts
Warheit DB, McHugh TA, Hartsky MA
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