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Book review 2002;28(4):286-287   pdf
Handbook of Research Methods in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Toon TW, reviewer
Book review 2002;28(4):285-285   pdf
Non-ionizing Radiation, Part 1: Static and Extremely Low-frequency (elf) Electric and Magnetic Fields
Hietanen M, reviewer
Book review 2002;28(3):208-209   pdf
PromiciĆ³n de la Salud: Como Construir Vida Saludable
Partanen T, reviewer
Book review 2002;28(2):133-133   pdf
Radiation at Home, Outdoors and in the Workplace
Hietanen M, reviewer
Book review 2004;30(6):498-498   pdf
Practical ethics in occupational health
Antti-Poika M, reviewer
Book review 2004;30(6):497-497   pdf
Research methods in occupational epidemiology
Albin M, reviewer
Book review 2004;30(2):169-170   pdf
Exposure assessment in occupational and environmental epidemiology
Tinnerberg H, reviewer
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