Key term: infection

Original article 2023;49(4):259-270   pdf full text
The impact of occupational exposures on infection rates during the COVID-19 pandemic: a test-negative design study with register data of 207 034 Dutch workers
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Original article 2023;49(3):171-181   pdf full text
Exploring the relationship between job characteristics and infection: Application of a COVID-19 job exposure matrix to SARS-CoV-2 infection data in the United Kingdom
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Original article 2021;47(5):349-355   pdf full text
Infection and death by COVID-19 in a cohort of healthcare workers in Mexico
Robles-Pérez E, González-Díaz B, Miranda-García M, Borja-Aburto VH
Original article 1978;4(4):336-338   pdf
Risk of infection from heavily contaminated air.
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Identifying and managing indoor-air problems
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Meta-analysis of Hodgkin's disease among farmers
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Etiologic clues to lip cancer from epidemiologic studies on farmers
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