CONTENTS — volume 17, suppl 1, 1991

Published: 1991


The aging worker.
Ilmarinen J, guest editor


Original article

Background and objectives of the Finnish research project on aging workers in municipal occupations.
Classification of municipal occupations.
Stress and strain of elderly employees in municipal occupations.
Relationship between the self-assessment and clinical assessment of health status and work ability.
Changes in the content of Finnish municipal occupations over a four-year period.
Mortality, disability and changes in occupation among aging municipal employees.
Prevalence and incidence rates of diseases and work ability in different work categories of municipal occupations.
Effect of retirement on health and work ability among municipal employees.
Symptoms of mental and physical stress in different categories of municipal work.
Work-related stress symptoms of aging employees in municipal occupations.
Work load and individual factors affecting work disability among aging municipal employees.
Changes in maximal cardiorespiratory capacity among aging municipal employees.
Musculoskeletal capacity and its changes among aging municipal employees in different work categories.
Performance efficiency and its changes among aging municipal employees.
Associations between functional capacity and work ability among elderly municipal employees.
Work load and individual factors affecting work ability among aging municipal employees.
Summary and recommendations of a project involving cross-sectional and follow-up studies on the aging worker in Finnish municipal occupations (1981-1985).