Scand J Work Environ Health 1979;5 suppl 2:1-11    pdf | Issue date: 1979

Municipal occupational health services for small workplaces. Background and general methodology of the study.

by Tolonen M

This paper deals with the new Occupational Health Service Act of Finland, as well as the background, scope and general methodology of a walk-through survey. The study comprised 163 small places of work within two municipal health center areas, and the primary objective was to determine their need for actual occupational health services. The workplaces were surveyed for a comprehensive picture of their physical and chemical hazards, as well as for knowledge of first-aid preparedness, need for job-related health counseling, personnel facilities, personal protection, and the required ergonomic and safety activities at the workplaces within the community. This ad-hoc information was considered essential for the planning of a nationwide occupational health program, and, more specifically, an assessment could be made of the utility of health personnel in reducing and preventing occupational health and safety risks at small places of work. More specific details of the sample and methodology are reported in other communications.