Author: Gerhardsson L

Original article 2014;40(2):203-209   pdf full text
A prospective cohort study investigating an exposure–response relationship among vibration-exposed male workers with numbness of the hands
Edlund M, Burström L, Gerhardsson L, Lundström R, Nilsson T, Sandén H, Hagberg M
Original article 1982;8(3):201-208   pdf
Antimony in lung, liver and kidney tissue from deceased smelter workers.
Gerhardsson L, Brune D, Nordberg GF, Wester PO
Original article 1984;10(4):245-251   pdf
Lung retention of antimony and arsenic in hamsters after the intratracheal instillation of industrial dust.
Leffler P, Gerhardsson L, Brune D, Nordberg GF
Original article 1988;14(2):130-133   pdf
Fatal arsenic poisoning--a case report.
Gerhardsson L, Dahlgren E, Eriksson A, Lagerkvist BE, Lundstrom J, Nordberg GF
Original article 1993;19 suppl 1:19-26   pdf
International project for producing reference values for concentrations of trace elements in human blood and urine--TRACY.
Vesterberg O, Alessio L, Brune D, Gerhardsson L, Herber R, Kazantzis G, Nordberg GF, Sabbioni E
Original article 1993;19 suppl 1:39-44   pdf
Normal concentrations of chromium in serum and urine--a TRACY project.
Brune D, Aitio A, Nordberg G, Vesteberg O, Gerhardsson L
Original article 1993;19 suppl 1:59-64   pdf
Biological monitoring of inorganic lead.
Skerfving S, Nilsson U, Schutz A, Gerhardsson L
Original article 1993;19 suppl 1:90-94   pdf
Lung cancer in smelter workers--interactions of metals as indicated by tissue levels.
Gerhardsson L, Nordberg GF
Article 1999;25 suppl 3:40-64   pdf
Environmental health in the Baltic region -- toxic metals
Skerfving S, Bencko V, Vahter M, Schütz A, Gerhardsson L
Original article 1998;24(1):38-45   pdf
Lead concentrations in tibial and calcaneal bone in relation to the history of lead exposure
Bergdahl IA, Strömberg U, Gerhardsson L, Schütz A, Chettle DR, Skerfving S
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