Author: Axelson O

Original article 1988;14(5):286-292   pdf
Indoor radon exposure and active and passive smoking in relation to the occurrence of lung cancer.
Axelson O, Andersson K, Desai G, Fagerlund I, Jansson B, Karlsson C, Wingren G
Original article 1990;16(3):153-157   pdf
Interpretation of "negative" studies in occupational epidemiology.
Ahlbom A, Axelson O, Stottrup Hansen ES, Hogstedt C, Jensen UJ, Olsen J
Original article 1992;18(2):85-89   pdf
Cluster of brain cancers spuriously suggesting occupational risk among glassworkers.
Wingren G, Axelson O
Original article 1993;19 suppl 1:95-100   pdf
Epidemiologic studies of occupational cancer as related to complex mixtures of trace elements in the art glass industry.
Wingren G, Axelson O
Original article 1993;19(6):399-404   pdf
Multiple sclerosis and exposure to solvents, ionizing radiation and animals.
Landtblom AM, Flodin U, Karlsson M, Palhagen S, Axelson O, Soderfeldt B
Original article 1994;20(0):9-18   pdf
Some recent developments in occupational epidemiology.
Axelson O
Original article 1994;20(5):371-375   pdf
Comparison of information sources for case-referent data.
Persson B, Karlsson M, Axelson O
Original article 2002;28(1):58-63   pdf
Alternative for estimating the burden of lung cancer from occupational exposures - some calculations based on data from Swedish men
Axelson O
Original article 1996;22(6):451-456   pdf
Bronchial asthma and air pollution at workplaces
Flodin U, Ziegler J, Jönsson P, Axelson O
Original article 1996;22(5):360-363   pdf
Glutathione S-transferase M1 null genotype as a risk modifier for solvent-induced chronic toxic encephalopathy
Söderkvist P, Ahmadi A, Åkerbäck A, Axelson O, Flodin U
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