Author: Backman AL

Original article 1975;1(2):109-116   pdf
A health survey of granite workers in Finland: radiographic findings, respiratory function, hearing, electric sensory thresholds of the fingers and subjective symptoms.
Ahlman K, Backman AL, Partanen T
Original article 1983;9(1):30-35   pdf
Health survey of professional drivers.
Backman AL
Original article 1983;9(1):36-41   pdf
Turnover of professional drivers.
Backman AL, Jarvinen E
Original article 1991;17 suppl 1:58-66   pdf
Mortality, disability and changes in occupation among aging municipal employees.
Tuomi K, Toikkanen J, Eskelinen L, Backman AL, Ilmarinen J, Jarvinen E, Klockars M