Key term: computed tomography

Original article 2004;30(3):206-214   pdf
Factors associated with early-stage pulmonary fibrosis as determined by high-resolution computed tomography among persons occupationally exposed to asbestos
Paris C, Benichou J, Raffaelli C, Genevois A, Fournier L, Menard G, Broessel N, Ameille J, Brochard P, Gillon J-C, Gislard A, Letourneux M
Original article 1999;25(1):67-74   pdf
Functional and high-resolution computed tomographic studies of divers' lungs
Reuter M, Tetzlaff K, Steffens J-C, Glüer C-C, Faeseke KP, Bettinghausen E, Heller M