Key term: biological monitoring

Invited article 1999;25(6):511-520   pdf
The dermal route in systemic exposure
Benford DJ, Cocker J, Sartorelli P, Schneider T, van Hemmen J, Firth JG
Original article 1999;25(3):233-237   pdf
Effect of ethanol on the urinary excretion of cyclohexanol and cyclohexanediols, biomarkers of the exposure to cyclohexanone, cyclohexane and cyclohexanol in humans
Mráz J, Gálová E, Nohová H, Vítková D, Tichý M
Original article 1999;25(1):24-32   pdf
Genotoxic exposures of potroom workers
Carstensen U, Yang K, Levin J-O, Östman C, Nilsson T, Hemminki K, Hagmar L
Original article 1997;23(6):414-420   pdf
Urinary naphthols as an indicator of exposure to naphthalene
Bieniek G
Original article 1997;23(5):359-363   pdf
Lead concentrations in human plasma, urine and whole blood
Bergdahl IA, Schütz A, Gerhardsson L, Jensen A, Skerfving S
Original article 1997;23(4):289-298   pdf
Toluene-induced hearing loss among rotogravure printing workers
Morata TC, Fiorini AC, Fischer FM, Colacioppo S, Wallingford KM, Krieg EF, Dunn DE, Gozzoli L, Padrão MA, Cesar CLG
Original article 1997;23(3):199-205   pdf
Urinary 1-naphthol excretion in the assessment of exposure to creosote in an impregnation facility
Heikkilä PR, Luotamo M, Riihimäki V
Case report 1995;21(6):517-520   pdf
Peripheral neuropathy in styrene-exposed workers
Gobba F, Cavalleri F, Bontadi D, Torri P, Dainese R
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