Key term: lung cancer

Original article 2003;29(1):64-70   pdf
Incidence of cancer among the participants of the Finnish Asbestos Screening Campaign
Koskinen K, Pukkala E, Reijula K, Karjalainen A
Original article 2003;29(1):60-63   pdf
Diffuse pleural fibrosis-an unreliable indicator of heavy asbestos exposure?
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Original article 2002;28(6):411-417   pdf
Cancer incidence among workers in the asbestos-cement producing industry in Norway
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Original article 2002;28(3):163-167   pdf
Ten-year update on mortality among mild-steel welders
Steenland K
Letter to the editor 2001;27(6):420-421   pdf
Association between pleural plaques and coronary heart disease
Sjögren B
Original article 2001;27(4):227-232   pdf
Exposure to titanium dioxide and risk of lung cancer in a population-based study from Montreal
Boffetta P, Gaborieau V, Nadon L, Parent M-E, Weiderpass E, Siemiatycki J
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Association between pleural plaques and coronary heart disease
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Cancer incidence among workers in six Norwegian aluminum plants
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Cancer incidence among male pulp and paper workers in Norway
Langseth H, Andersen A
Article 1999;25 suppl 3:17-32   pdf
Environmental radioactivity, population exposure and related health risks in the east Baltic region
Balonov MI, Krisyuk EM, Ramel C
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