CONTENTS — volume 10, no 3, 1984

Published: Jun 1984

Original article

Methods of control for smoking in occupational cohort mortality studies.
A mortality study of workers employed in a German rock wool factory.
Erythema-inducing effects of solvents following epicutaneous administration to man--studied by laser Doppler flowmetry.
Analytical, occupational and toxicologic aspects of the degradation products of polypropylene plastics.
High impulse acceleration levels in hand-held vibratory tools. An additional factor in the hazards associated with the hand-arm vibration syndrome.
Occurrence of styrene-7,8-oxide and styrene glycol in mouse after the administration of styrene.
Occurrence of fibrous sodium aluminumtetrafluoride particles in potrooms of the primary aluminum industry.
Development and evaluation of field methods for ammonia in air.
Prevalence of epicondylitis and tenosynovitis among meatcutters.

Letter to the Editor

Mortality and morbidity of Swedish insulation workers.
Recordkeeping on occupational exposures and cancer.