Author: Hogstedt C

Original article 1986;12(6):538-544   pdf
Mortality and incidence of cancer among Swedish rubber workers, 1952-1981.
Gustavsson P, Hogstedt C, Holmberg B
Original article 1987;13(6):505-512   pdf
Effects of exposure to vehicle exhaust on health.
Ulfvarson U, Alexandersson R, Aringer L, Svensson E, Hedenstierna G, Hogstedt C, Holmberg B, Rosen G, Sorsa M
Original article 1987;13(6):518-523   pdf
Possible causes of increased lung cancer incidence among butchers and slaughterhouse workers.
Gustavsson P, Fellenius E, Hogstedt C
Original article 1988;14 suppl 1:17-20   pdf
Identification of cancer risks from chemical exposures--an epidemiologic program at the Swedish National Institute of Occupational Health.
Hogstedt C
Original article 1989;15(3):227-233   pdf
Pregnancy outcome among working women.
Ahlborg G Jr, Hogstedt C, Bodin L, Barany S
Original article 1990;16(3):153-157   pdf
Interpretation of "negative" studies in occupational epidemiology.
Ahlbom A, Axelson O, Stottrup Hansen ES, Hogstedt C, Jensen UJ, Olsen J
Original article 1990;16(5):348-354   pdf
Lung cancer and exposure to diesel exhaust among bus garage workers.
Gustavsson P, Plato N, Lidstrom EB, Hogstedt C
Original article 1991;17(2):104-109   pdf
Coxarthrosis and physical work load.
Vingard E, Hogstedt C, Alfredsson L, Fellenius E, Goldie I, Koster M
Original article 1992;18(2):97-100   pdf
Does long-term concrete work cause silicosis?
Tornling G, Tollqvist J, Askergren A, Hallin N, Hogstedt C
Original article 1993;19(1):43-49   pdf
Shoulder tendinitis and its relation to heavy manual work and exposure to vibration.
Stenlund B, Goldie I, Hagberg M, Hogstedt C
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