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Editorial 2024;50(3):129-133   pdf full text
Working hours and cardiovascular disease
Rugulies R
Editorial 2024;50(2):49-52   pdf full text
What are the economic costs of a poor work environment?
Rugulies R, Burdorf A
Editorial 2023;49(7):449-452   pdf full text
Work-related sexual and gender harassment: conceptual challenges and the need for evidence-based prevention
Madsen IEH, Nielsen MBD
Editorial 2023;49(6):363-365   pdf full text
Partnership for European Research in Occupational Safety and Health (PEROSH) – Celebrating 20 years of collaboration
Nielsen SB, Schøning M, Laurent L, Meeuwsen JM
Editorial 2023;49(4):231-233   pdf full text
The importance of occupation in the development of the COVID-19 pandemic
Burdorf A, Rugulies R
Editorial 2023;49(3):165-169   pdf full text
Post-COVID condition or “long COVID”, return-to work, and occupational health research
Descatha A, Evanoff BA, Fadel M
Editorial 2023;49(2):95-98   pdf full text
Ways to study changes in psychosocial work factors
Boot CRL, Schelvis RMC, Robroek SJW
Editorial 2023;49(1):1-4   pdf full text
Office design and occupational health – has research been left behind?
Haapakangas A, Hallman DM, Bergsten EL
Editorial 2022;48(6):419-424   pdf full text
The role of work in suicidal behavior – uncovering priorities for research and prevention
Greiner BA, Arensman E
Editorial 2022;48(2):83-85   pdf full text
Estimating population burdens of occupational disease
Coggon D
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