CONTENTS — volume 34, no 1, 2008

Published: 29 Feb 2008


Shift work among women—a century-old health issue in occupational health


Nightshift work and risk of breast cancer and other cancers—a critical review of the epidemiologic evidence

Original article

Influence of sleep on symptom improvement and return to work in clinical burnout
Relationship between shift work and hypercholesterolemia in Japan
Job control and the risk of incident stroke in the working population in Sweden
Job strain and arteriosclerosis in three different types of arteries among male Japanese factory workers
One-year randomized controlled trial with different physical-activity programs to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms in the neck and shoulders among office workers
Asthma incidence in wood-processing industries in Finland in a register-based population study
Cancer incidence among Finnish farmers, 1995–2005