Author: Heederik D

Original article 2011;37(4):325-331   pdf
Lung function, bronchial hyperresponsiveness, and atopy among firefighters
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Effects of exposure to dust in swine confinement buildings--a working group report.
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Original article 1990;16(6):428-433   pdf
Relationship of airborne microorganisms with the lung function and leucocyte levels of workers with a history of humidifier fever.
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Original article 1994;20(6):435-443   pdf
Changes in ventilatory function in grain processing and animal feed workers in relation to exposure to organic dust.
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Original article 2009;35(5):368-375   pdf
Respiratory effects in the aftermath of a major fire in a chemical waste depot
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Supplement article 2005;31 suppl 2:49-56   pdf
Risk assessment of silicosis and lung cancer among construction workers exposed to respirable quartz
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Effects of errors in the measurement of agricultural exposures
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Assessment of exposure to wheat flour and the shape of its relationship with specific sensitization
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Determinants of airborne rat and mouse urinary allergen exposure
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Experts' subjective assessment of pesticide exposure in fruit growing
de Cock J, Kromhout H, Heederik D, Burema J
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