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Editorial 2022;48(1):1-3   pdf full text
An occupational exposure limit for welding fumes is urgently needed
Sjögren B, Albin M, Broberg K, Gustavsson P, Tinnerberg H, Johanson G
Letter to the Editor 2017;43(3):287-288   pdf full text
Ocular ultraviolet radiation exposure of welders
Tenkate TD
Original article 2016;42(5):447-453   pdf full text
The risk of cataract in relation to metal arc welding
Slagor RM, La Cour M, Bonde JP
Original article 2015;41(1):94-101   pdf full text
Neurological outcomes associated with low-level manganese exposure in an inception cohort of asymptomatic welding trainees
Baker MG, Criswell SR, Racette BA, Simpson CD, Sheppard L, Checkoway H, Seixas NS
Original article 1976;2(4):232-239   pdf
Magnetic measurements of pulmonary contamination.
Kalliomäki PL, Karp PJ, Katila T, Makipaa P, Saar P, Tossavainen A
Original article 1977;3(1):28-31   pdf
Evaluation of chromium exposure based on a simplified method for urinary chromium determination.
Gylseth B, Gundersen N, Langård S
Original article 1977;3(4):183-191   pdf
Trace-element concentrations in blood samples from welders of stainless steel or aluminium and a reference group.
Ulfvarson U, Wold S
Original article 1977;3(4):192-202   pdf
Urinary chromium as an indicator of the exposure of welders to chromium.
Tola S, Kilpiö J, Virtamo M, Haapa K
Original article 1978;4(2):122-130   pdf
Amount and distribution of welding fume lung contaminants among arc welders.
Kalliomäki P-L, Alanko K, Korhonen O, Mattsson T, Vääränen V, Koponen M
Original article 1980;6(3):197-200   pdf
A retrospective cohort study of mortality among stainless steel welders.
Sjögren B
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